Confidence is a word.

From the Latin con - together, with and fidere - to have faith in, to trust, confidence means literally with faith and trust.

Confidence is a nominalisation.

You can't put "confidence" in a wheelbarrow, cut it into pieces, or buy it from a vendor.

Confidence is a state of being.

Confidence is not only in your head, it is in your body and your spirit too, all at the same time.

Confidence is acting without fear.

Self Confidence - when you trust yourself, you can act without fear.

You become congruent, the best you can be, powerful, aligned.

When you are confident, you have a chance to change reality.

When you are confident, you can create events for yourself, and for other people.

Confidence creates reality.

Whether it is a person who is confident in their beauty being perceived as being beautiful by all who see them, or a person who is confident in their success being perceived as successful by all who meet them, confidence creates reality.

Confidence is attractive.

Confidence attracts - people, synchronicity, luck, magic, opportunity, love.

Confidence is a magnet for good things.

Confidence starts with the self.

That's what gives us power and leverage over our confidence.

We might not be able to control our fate, or the world; but we can learn to be more confident.

With more confidence, we increase the chances of succeeding at anything exponentially.

Confidence is a skill.

We can learn to step into confidence at will.

If you practice your confidence for as often and as long as you brush your teeth, you will become more confident.

It is that simple.

Confidence is an investment.

Investment in confidence is one of the most powerful and practically rewarding investments a person can make.

Invest not just money.

Invest time in developing and evolving your confidence.

Invest energy in developing your confidence.

Invest will in developing your confidence.

Invest your heart in developing more confidence - more faith and trust in yourself.

Be willing to change your mind about many things to gain the high rewards of confidence and self confidence.

It is worth it.

The world needs more confident people.

Be one of them.


Silvia Hartmann

July 2010



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